Scandal August 2024 Teasers

Here is what will happen in Scandal August 2024 Teasers on from Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.

What is Scandal! TV Show

Scandal! is a South African television soap opera produced by Ochre Media about the people who work for the fictitious Johannesburg-based newspaper The Voice, with their pressurised deadlines, the chaos of breaking news, the fight for increased circulation and ad spend to their (no longer) private lives and personal angst. The series premiered on on Monday 10 January 2005, at 20h00. It later changed its timeslot to week nights at 19h30. Scandal is about the people who work for this Johannesburg based newspaper  the pressurised deadlines, the chaos of breaking news, the fight for increased circulation and Ad spend – to their (no longer) private lives and personal angst. Scandal leaves no reputation untarnished.

Below are Scandal August 2024 Teasers

Thursday 1 August 2024
Episode 96

A refusal leads to an accusation. Tebello seeks Ndumiso’s intervention in assisting him to navigate the predicament he finds himself entangled in. An estranged friend intercedes on another’s behalf.

Friday 2 August 2024
Episode 97

New ingredients are added to the misery pot. A Daily Skinner article has the NFH employees in a panic. An old man humbles himself but is surprised to hear what his victim wants.

Saturday 3 August 2024
Episode 98

Correspondence meant for Vuvu lands in Mihloti’s hands, and she gets rid of it. A setback at Khanyi’s school throws another wrench into Dintle’s already uphill battle.

Sunday 4 August 2024
Episode 99

A group of friends decide to take matters into their own hands. Dintle is thrown a curve ball by a potential investor. Neo goes out of his way to right his wrongs.

Monday 5 August 2024
Episode 100

The mystery behind a death starts to unravel. Dintle receives a mysterious call and gets a warning. The green-eyed monster rears its head in Tebello.

Tuesday 6 August 2024
Episode 101

The investigation takes a turn when new evidence is unearthed. Dintle braces for a make-or-break presentation. Tebello helps Mbuso keep his secret.

Wednesday 7 August 2024
Episode 102

Andries thinks it’s time Mihloti opens her eyes to the truth right in front of her. Dintle gets another thought-provoking call. A reunion gets real when, despite appearances, this girl proves she’s no wilting flower.

Thursday 8 August 2024
Episode 103

After hearing a heartfelt plea, a man starts to believe that there are missing pieces of the puzzle before him. A notification that should be joyous leaves Dintle concerned.

Friday 9 August 2024
Episode 104

Even when she is faced with the truth, Mihloti doesn’t want to admit her mistake. Dintle remains suspicious when a business partner attempts to placate her regarding an ‘accounting error’.

Saturday 10 August 2024
Episode 105

A call peels off a layer of a mystery. Dintle finds herself in an entanglement. Fireworks erupt at dinner and a secret is overheard.

Sunday 11 August 2024
Episode 106

Mihloti fears that her revenge plan will be revealed. Linda comes up with a plan to get the truth out of Raymond. The mending of fences between a father and his son begins.

Monday 12 August 2024
Episode 107

Conflicting narratives emerge as journos uncover a web of lies and truths. It’s clear not everyone is happy with the return of a banished family member.

Tuesday 13 August 2024
Episode 108

A sentimental letter gives some closure. Dropped breadcrumbs have Dintle questioning her source. Guilt drives Kgopolo to make a decision not welcomed by all.

Wednesday 14 August 2024
Episode 109

Tiro is not impressed with all the changes the return of his brother is bringing. And ex-lover is put on the spot when Dintle pushes for answers.

Thursday 15 August 2024
Episode 110

Sibling rivalry flares up when a brother does the unexpected. Now that the whistleblower has Dintle’s curiosity peaked she reaches out to Cohen for more information.

Friday 16 August 2024
Episode 111

The emergence of a serious red flag raises awareness about who to trust. Dintle is moved by a delicate and nurturing hand. Mihloti and Andries try to make amends for the hurt they have caused.

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